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Action Pro Enterprises LLC

Our Business Plan

A well planned operation is one where everyone has what they need all the time.  It entails having everyone and everything moving all at the same time.  This must be a system which aligns all things perfectly, needs are being met without any waiting, or idle time.  This is essential to enable a business to sustain managed growth and operate profitability.  A business must be able to achieve and maintain an exceptional amount of profitability but is also a business which shares a portion of those profits with everyone on their team, according to each team member's individual contribution to that success.


The “Action Pay for Performance System” typically reduces direct labor costs by 20% to 30% when compared to pay by the hour systems and greatly increases production efficiency in a manufacturing facility.  The “Action Pay for Performance” system will be used to compensate employees in all manufacturing production jobs. This incentive system has been proven to work in one of my earlier manufacturing businesses, Action Craft boats.  Team members are paid each week for the quality and quantity of work performed to produce a product.  They are also graded on attendance & other factors. 

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