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Our Business Plan

Thank you for your interest in Action Pro Enterprises and our business divisions.  We are excited about the opportunity to build our new enterprise business.  It’s structured differently than other startup businesses and unlike any you may have seen before in a small business.  With our enterprise business structure, we will be growing multiple businesses (Business Divisions) at the same time. 

Once completed, our plan will contain the additional information expected in a traditional business plan.  I am writing about essential business management policies and expertise I have developed over the past 32 years.  My father and I formed two businesses and built them from zero sales, into multi-million dollar companies, both at the same time. 

All team members will be working together within a highly organized, supportive, well planned and structured working environment.  The goal is for all team members to work together as a team and follow a system that will strive to eliminate all problems before they occur, eliminate waiting, and provide the highest quality products to our customers. 

My perfect job is that I am able to design and develop new products, then manufacture, market and sell those products successfully.   I like creating a new manufacturing business, transforming it, growing it, achieving profitability.  I have proven my ability to do this in my past businesses.  I achieved much success with Action Mfg. & Supply, Inc and Action Craft Inc  Now it’s our time to start this new business.  I envisioned a new enterprise business model, entirely different from anything I had ever heard of before in a small business.  We will prove this business model works and will result in a smooth running and profitable enterprises.

We have developed a new business model I call the “Action Pro Enterprise System”.  As far as I know, managing many new small businesses as an Enterprise with this concept is something new that I have envisioned.  I propose that when you structure an enterprise in this new way, and back it up with enough resources and funding, there is a system and a process that provides for and enables much faster and more certain growth.   

The success relies on having the right persons on the team and everyone having the knowledge and support they need.  Communication of all essential information, expert planning and making good decisions at the right time will allow us to have the ultimate system, that everyone’s needs will be met and it will be a great place to work.

As an enterprise, we believe we can grow more than one business at a time and be successful in all of them.  Why not?  There is a thing called the “Fast Track”.  Why can’t that become a daily routine?  Not everyone can look forward, envision what the enterprise will look like in the future and understand what is next?  This is a concept that most people just can’t grasp.  It takes a leader that can get that message across who has the right people on his staff.

What if you could run a business from the top down, and at the same time, run it from the bottom up?  What if you could build a business from start to finish, but also from the end, back to the beginning?  What if you have all the resources to enable faster growth and they are always there before the exact time they are needed? 

Why wait until there is a problem, before you have the solution?  Why not have the answers, before you have the question?  At the same time you need that answer, which is the solution to preventing the problem.  We believe the answer is our “Action Pro Enterprise” system business model. 

This “Enterprise System” is much like a mature business.  Everyone does everything needed to succeed.  They have already learned from mistakes and know their job well.  They have already made the changes necessary to keep everything on track and on time.  All the Policies, and standard operating procedures have been put in place. Now the business is running like a well-oiled machine.  We call it “Keeping all our Ducks in a Row”.  Everything is working consistently.  Everyone knows what is expected and they get their job done.  This must be what we are working towards and must achieve.  This is what powers the best growth.

Very large corporations and business enterprises are structured in a way that is very similar to the “Action Pro Enterprise System” that will be proven to work here, in our business too.  It is a proven system among those huge corporations, why can’t we do it too?  The difference is that we can do better.  A small enterprise like ours can implement changes without the long approval process.  By making quicker decisions, we can get things done faster to head off problems, solve all problems quickly once they arise and continually make improvements to the business plan.  Our smaller enterprise can work much more efficiently and eliminate more waste. 

The enterprise business model requires a larger investment for organization and planning and getting each division adequately developed in the first year, and have everything needed in place, however the payoff in profits will be much greater and they will be achieved much more quickly.  We are just making changes a little more quickly in order to get there faster. 

This will enable our enterprise to achieve faster growth.  Remember we are talking about a highly structured and well funded business model, which keeps track of key performance figures on a monthly basis.  We must have all the working capital ready and available, to keep everything on hand, on track and on time.  This will enable our entire team to get the job done more quickly, more efficiently and at a lower cost. 

Too much time spent waiting becomes one of the biggest enemies to our enterprise.  We feel that “waiting” is the biggest waste of money a business could have.  That’s why we must think through all scenarios and plan for everything.                                                               

There is no time to be wasted.  In fact, the elimination of waste wherever possible must always be integral to the system.  It must be clear that there is no place for irresponsibility and waste, whether that waste be unproductive time, materials, excess movement, overstocking, sub-standard product, missed shipping schedules, or inefficiency.

A well planned operation where everyone has what they need all the time.  It entails having everyone and everything moving all at the same time.  This must be a system which aligns all things perfectly, needs are being met without the wait.  This is essential to enable a business to sustain managed growth and operate profitability.  A business must be able to achieve and maintain and acceptable amount of profitability, or the business will have to close.

The “Action Pay for Performance System” typically reduces direct labor costs by 20% to 30% when compared to pay by the hour systems and greatly increases production efficiency in a manufacturing facility.  The “Action Pay for Performance” system will be used to compensate employees in all manufacturing production jobs. This incentive system has been proven to work in my earlier manufacturing business, Action Craft boats.  Team members are paid each week for the quality and quantity of work performed to produce a product.  They are also graded on attendance & keeping their area clean. 

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